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Older type boilers tend to waste a lot of valuable energy, with many converting as little as 60% of your expensive gas into useful heat. By comparison, a condensing boiler can increase efficiency to produce a conversion rate of up to 93% if installed correctly.

Boiler Replacement

Replacing a 15 year old boiler with a modern condensing boiler should reduce your fuel bills by one third. If you also install good heating controls the savings could be as much as 40%.

Reduce Emissions

A new boiler can also reduce your carbon emissions - it would be one of the most cost-effective ways of reducing your household's emissions.

Improve Efficiency

Boilers account for approximately 60% of your annual energy bill, so getting an efficient boiler can make a big difference to your household finances.

Does your boiler need replacing?

  • If you have a G-rated boiler or your boiler has a pilot light
  • If the boiler is excessively noisy
  • If the central heating system is slow to heat up
  • Has become unreliable
  • Or is not a modern condensing boiler

...then it's time to update.

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Boiling & Central Heating Services

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